Lotus Separations

Experts in Chromatographic Separations

Founded in 2007, Lotus Separations provides purification services to clients from small start-ups to top five US pharmaceutical companies. Our industry-leading expertise and robust method development can fulfil all your chiral and achiral separation needs, on milligram to kilo scales.
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What sets us apart

Specializing in Separations

Lotus has unmatched expertise in separations procedures, offering screenings on traditional and cutting-edge stationary phases

Excellent instrumentation

Lotus employs an impressive lineup of analytical and preparative SFC and HPLC instruments with UV and MS detection, as well as state-of-the-art NMR methods and HRMS

We work on jobs big and small

Lotus collaborators range from Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies to small academic research labs, working on sample quantites from milligram to kilogram scales

Woman-owned business

Lotus is a certified woman-owned business, committed to pursuing equity in the sciences

A Message from our CEO

Christina Kraml
Founder and CEO

Here at Lotus, we serve our clients with a personal touch, tailoring our process to meet your individual needs—all while while delivering the fastest results with the highest quality.

Our Services

Preparative Separations


  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) with over 25 preparative stationary phases, chiral and achiral
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with all modes of separations including RPLC, NPLC, HILIC , ANP, HIC, IEX, and SEC
  • UV/VIS and/or Mass-directed fraction collections
  • High-throughput mass-directed well plate–to–well plate sub-milligram purifications
  • Metabolites, impurities, or biomarker isolations
  • Purity enhancements of drug substances or intermediates

Scales and Quantities

  • Research Scale: milligrams to hundred grams
  • Production Scale: multi-grams to kilograms

Analytical Separations

Method Development

  • Chiral separations
  • Achiral separations


  • Enantiomeric ratio determination
  • Diastereomeric ratio determination
  • Chemical purity by RPLC/MS

Extended Analytical Services

Analytical Research

  • Chemical Stability
  • Enantiomer stability and chiral interconversion kinetics
  • Solubility studies, including pH/pI-dependent aqueous solubility

Compound Characterization

  • Quantitative analysis by SFC or LC with UV, MS, and/or CAD
  • Structural analysis by LC/MS/MS, Accurate MS, and NMR
  • Absolute stereochemistry determination

Our Locations

Newark, DE
Princeton, NJ
New Castle, DE


Sir David MacMillan
2021 Nobel Laureate
“The Lotus team are real experts. They know their stuff and we love working with them!”
Kevin Hunt
CSO, Vanqua Bio
“Great in quality, timeframe, and consistent on all scales.”


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